Friday, 19 June 2020

Number of the week 2020

Moana Meets Maui - Using Speech

 Moana stand tall on white sand as she siad to maui. no i'm here to... maui allways time for fans. siad maui as he threw his boat on the sand as announced. ohooo of course of course yes. and he handed back mona,s oar   shouted moana as she grabbed maui,s ear.   you use a bird to write with ti,s called tweeting. and he cheekily snatched moana,s oar. i konw not everyday you get a chance to meet your hero. moana swung her oar and whacked maui in the stomach. you are not my hero grabbing hei hei out of the sand maui said. and i'm not here for you to sign my oar.

Monday, 15 June 2020


my new bike is shiny and blue. the weather outside is rainy and cold. please leave your smelly shoes outside. tomorrow my family is having a delicious dinner. i love playing with all of my kind friends.